KHS Guitar Tuner Mobile App Case Study

Case Study: KHS Guitar Tuner Pro

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KHS Guitar Tuner Pro is an Android and iOS application that can assist guitarists with a variety of different tuning setups. The app can play notes within the selected tuning to use as a reference, and it uses incoming audio from the microphone to give musicians a visual indicator of what pitch is being played. It also contains a metronome with multiple timing options, making it useful for the whole practice session.

The application was written with Flutter to share a single implementation across multiple platforms. It was built in accordance with the Bloc design pattern for code organization.

Case Study: Cross-Platform Flutter Mobile App

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Guide Diary is a Flutter application that enables documentation of fishing trips. This app records images, trip descriptions, environmental conditions, and any income and expenses associated with the trip, which can be edited afterward. The trip information can be shared on socials or downloaded. Trips can be viewed, sorted, and searched from the main listing page.

As stated, the application is written with Flutter, which allows it to run across multiple platforms from a single codebase with a minimal amount of platform-specific configuration.