Case Study: Cross-Platform Flutter Mobile App

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Guide Diary is a Flutter application that enables documentation of fishing trips. This app records images, trip descriptions, environmental conditions, and any income and expenses associated with the trip, which can be edited afterward. The trip information can be shared on socials or downloaded. Trips can be viewed, sorted, and searched from the main listing page.

As stated, the application is written with Flutter, which allows it to run across multiple platforms from a single codebase with a minimal amount of platform-specific configuration.

CFSWater: Mobile Application Built with Flutter

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Application Overview A team of consultants on the KeyholeSoftware.Dev team architected and developed CFSWater, a cross-platform mobile application using Flutter. The result was a highly functioning mobile app that reports scheduled and current water release and power generations for Army Corp and Engineer tailwaters and streams in the midwest region. Features CFSWater is a mobile application that reports scheduled and …

Flutter Mobile Application

From Xamarin to Flutter: Mobile App Rewrite

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A team of Keyhole consultants works on the large-scale mobile development and modernization initiative from Xamarin to Flutter.

With Keyhole’s help, the client successfully added new features to two mobile applications implemented in Flutter and Xamarin. This effort led to an increase in client revenue and client satisfaction in which the client extended the duration multiple times.