Modernization: HTML5 Designer Tool

Keyhole Software Application Rewrite, JavaScript, Modernization, New Development

A team of Keyhole Consultants has been focused on a rewrite initiative for a client proprietary Designer tool.

This tool enables a non-programmer to create a form-based web application by dragging UI elements onto a page of a form. The form contains pages that have UI elements. Each element has a number of associated properties, interactive at design-time. Each element can have behaviors that impart program logic to the form. The form can have a workflow associated with it. The tool user interacts with those artifacts by dragging and dropping elements, drawing behavior or workflow connections, modifying properties, and then saving the form, as XML, to a server. A web-based player interprets the form XML to serve it to an end-user as a web application.

Modernization: JavaScript Application With “Offline Mode”

Keyhole Software Application Rewrite, JavaScript, Modernization

Keyhole team members have rewritten the client website to run completely in the browser using JavaScript. It only contacts the server to download database files and the website itself.

To achieve the “offline” mode, all of the JavaScript is also compliant with Chrome Applications. The code is assembled into one Chrome App per client and deployed to the Chrome App Store. This allows users using the app to install it on their device, login once to download the database files, and then travel to the customer site. At the site they store all of their product specifications locally. Once they are back to where they have Internet available, they sync their stored data to the server.