React NowPlaying Educational Application

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We at Keyhole have been helping our clients adopt JavaScript-based single-page applications for over five years. We have been impressed with the adoption and advancement of the ever-changing JavaScript ecosystem.

React is a JavaScript technology that our teams enjoy working with. However, React differs from the other frameworks we’ve worked with in a handful of ways.

The best way to learn a new technology is to actually do something with it, as opposed to simply reading about it. So, we created a tangible React learning application to help our team get up-to-speed. The application repository has now been released publicly to help others learn.

Pull it down & try out React!

React NowPlaying

The repository contains an example application that displays movies currently at the theater. You can pull down the application, read about, and perform common tasks.

Prerequisite: Node.js needs to be installed.

React NowPlaying Application

Comparing React To Angular

Angular 2+ is another popular JavaScript framework approach. Properly applied, either Angular 2 or React will yield a successful, maintainable SPA implementation. We always tell clients to assume the UI technology is going to change, so physically decoupling your UI implementations from server side implementation is most important.

As a learning exercise, the newly-created React application directly compares to an Angular application with the same features. Each repository contains an example application that displays movies currently at the theater.

Angular NowPlaying Application

Final Thoughts

We’re big on knowledge transfer, both internally on our teams and externally to the development community as a whole. We hope that you find these learning tools helpful.

We would certainly be happy to help you with any of your consulting needs.

Reach out if there is anything that we can do to help you.

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