Release: Hyperledger Blockchain Analytics Tool

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We are proud to announce the new release of a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Browser open source web application. This application utility allows developers and operators of Hyperledger blockchain networks to have visibility into transactions and blocks as they are added to the network.


The KHS Blockchain Browser is a React/Node.js web application that allows users to inspect the HLF channels block store and observe real-time activity in Hyperledger blockchain networks by accessing network peer nodes using the node.js fabric-client SDK.

Blocks and transactions are inspected and navigated with easy access to the genesis and newest block.

Transaction read/write data sets and endorsements are also available on a transaction basis. The complete block data can be viewed with the Raw option.

Real-time metrics of Block Creation and sampling of creating transaction proposals are also available.

Since the beta Blockchain Browser release, the ReactJS UI has been improved for better performance. Additionally, the UI now automatically reflects new blocks being added to the chain with no refresh required.


Getting started is easy; the only prerequisites are Node.js and access to an HLF network. No database installation is required. The block browser accesses data directly through a network peer node.

The provided default admin credential key will work against any of the examples from the HLF sample channel applications.

Access the KHS Blockchain Browser

Interested in how it works? You can access it for free at this GitHub repository. The link includes cloning, installation, and startup instructions.

Don’t forget to watch a step by step video of the Blockchain Browser in action here.

We are continually working and adding features to this application, so please feel free to let us know your suggestions or request a feature.  

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