Video Series: ExtJS Single Page Application Tutorial

Below is a six-part Keyhole Software video series with guiding principles for writing a maintainable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-code single page application with ExtJS.

Part 1

What an ExtJS MVC single page application looks like and how its code can be structured.

Part 2

High-level overview of the code used to power a single page application.

Part 3

How the Grid Controller shown in our example application is coded in ExtJS.

Part 4

Discusses the ExtJS representation of the view that is in our example application. We see why we view certain configurations over others and how you can use those configurations to create interfaces of your own.

Part 5

Discusses the form controller that represents the pop-up window in our example ExtJS single page application.

Part 6

Details how the communication between the edit controller and the grid controller takes place with ExtJS.

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