Keyhole Team Design Contest with MockOla!

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**For more information about MockOla, its features and capabilities, and how it was built, visit its product page on the Keyhole Labs site.**

Start Designing!

Last week, we hosted a company-wide MockOla design contest! Everyone on the Keyhole team was given the opportunity to participate for a chance to win.

Participants created an original design using and its recently-updated features. They could use any element from any palette, and we encouraged them to take inspiration from the newly added Example Gallery. To enter, they downloaded their created designs in both .PNG and .JSON format and emailed them in for judging.

The results took our breath away! We were reminded (once again) how truly creative our team is here at Keyhole Software. Choosing a winner was almost impossible! In fact, instead of choosing just one, we decided to add a second, third, and fourth place.

It would be selfish to keep these for ourselves to enjoy, so we decided to share the winners and a few of our favorite honorable mentions with you! Now, we challenge you to design something, whether it be a diagram, complex flowchart, wireframe, or interesting something else entirely. Can you create something even better?

MockOla Contest Winners

First Place: “User Persona” by Rus A.

A very practical use case of what an actual UI might look like for some type of banking application. We’re happy we have a designer like Rus on the team!

Second Place: “Do You Like My Flowchart” by Garrett H.

A combination of a flowchart, UML diagram, and UI wireframe. So what do you think, do you like Garrett’s flowchart?
MockOla Contest Second Place

Third Place: “MockOla Mario” by Aaron D.

We know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! Aaron created this by hand in MockOla using over 550 different elements. Wow!Mario for the MockOla Contest

Fourth Place: “A Day in School” by Derek A.’s daughter

Derek’s daughter entered her design in our contest. She came up with some very creative uses for MockOla’s elements. We’ve never seen a UML class used as a whiteboard before, but we absolutely love it!
4th Place in the MockOla Contest

Honorable Mentions

It was a close race, and we couldn’t resist sharing a few of our favorite honorable mentions, too.

“Compute” by Luke P.

Luke’s abstract interpretation of a person computing in the world. We like the emoji additions and the red cape!

“John Wick” by Ryan C.

A flow chart of Ryan’s wife Diana’s journey from against John Wick to actually liking it. A love of puppies really can conquer all!

“School Daze” by Matt M.

Matt shares what his morning routine with kids looks like in flow chart form. The details he included are amazing. Whether you have children or not, we’re sure almost everyone can appreciate the organization Matt has in his routine!

We Challenge You!

We hope you enjoyed the designs the Keyhole team created for the MockOla design contest as much as we did! From flowcharts to wireframes to abstract interpretations, these designs are incredible.

Now, we challenge you! Head to and see what ideas you can bring to life. We’d love to see your creations. Send them to us at [email protected]!

Challenge Accepted.

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