[.NET & JS] Sr. Consultant Contributions at Healthcare Client

Lauren Fournier .NET, Azure, C#, JavaScript, Microservices, Mobile Development, React-Native

The project is undertaken for a prominent healthcare system situated on the East Coast of the United States. Keyhole Software has been a trusted consultancy for this organization since 2013, contributing expertise and resources to various departments within the system. The project experience detailed here spans the period from 2020 to 2024 and is representative of the valuable contributions made …

Custom Application: Payment Management System

Shaylee Webb .NET, Azure, JavaScript, React

The client is an over 150-year-old, nationally recognized banking institution with hubs in Kansas City and St. Louis. A team of seven Keyhole consultants was brought in to assist this client in the development of a React web application designed to help hospitals and clinics manage bills and payments. The team worked in conjunction with the client’s development team and …

Mobile Application with React Native

React Native Healthcare Scheduling Mobile Application

Shaylee Webb Mobile Development, New Development, React, React-Native

Project Objective The project was part of a key initiative to expedite the modernization of a private company’s suite of websites and mobile applications. Keyhole was tasked with building and implementing a cross-platform mobile application using React Native. The mobile application was to be used on both iOS and Android devices in such a way that users thought it was …