Digital Payment System with React and Java

Lauren Fournier

Keyhole Consultants led the design and development of a greenfield React application, providing just-in-time leadership & development to help the bank successfully meet deadlines negatively impacted by COVID-19. Since its deployment to the project end, Keyhole consultants have been entirely responsible for its updates and changes to ensure it accurately solved the client’s needs for a digital payment system.

Under a tight deadline, Keyhole consultants architected and developed the application with a React-based JavaScript front end and Java, Spring services, and API gateway-based backend to efficiently bridge the gap between the front end and back end in a way that promoted the efficient transfer of secure data…

React and Java Development for Auto Damage Detection App

Auto Damage Detection App with Java, React, and AI

Lauren Fournier Design, Java, JavaScript, React

A team of Keyhole Software consultants helped a multi-national company to develop an application focused on full automation of the insurance claims workflow process after a car accident. The development relied heavily on React and Java, and other key technologies include Artificial Intelligence, Spring Boot, Microservices, and REST. Client and Application Overview The client develops software solutions for the insurance …