Mobile Application Security Scanning System Enhancement

Lauren Fournier Application Enhancement, GoLang, JavaScript, Mobile Development, TypeScript

Keyhole Software’s expert software consultants played a crucial role in enhancing a sophisticated security scanning system for mobile applications, aiming to boost performance and stability for seamless developer interactions. The system, designed for both Android and iPhone apps, conducted synchronous and asynchronous security scanning through distributed Node.js services orchestrated by a Java Spring backend. The project involved intricate integrations with …

Long-Term Development Leadership at Yellow Corporation

Lauren Fournier Angular, Education, IT Strategy, Java, Modernization, New Development Leave a Comment

Keyhole Software’s Senior Consultant, a cornerstone of collaborative efforts with Yellow Freight, demonstrated exceptional proficiency in team leadership, mentorship, and application architecture. Notably, the consultant’s contract remained consistently renewed over six years, underscoring the client’s deepening dependence on their expertise. This prolonged engagement provided a unique insight and overview across various groups within the organization. This consultant, well-versed in strategic …

Multi-Dimensional Enterprise Architecture Transformation

Lauren Fournier Angular, Cloud, Education, IT Strategy, Java, JavaScript, Modernization

Keyhole Software played a crucial role in driving a comprehensive enterprise transformation at a government entity responsible for the oversight of agriculture and related programs. The highly-skilled Keyhole team focused on architectural enhancements, containerization, modernization, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to elevate the development practices. Key Achievements Containerization and Cloud Migration: Led by an expert Keyhole Software architect, the …

Improving Performance Of Java/Spring Mobile Security Application

Lauren Fournier Application Enhancement, Java, JavaScript, Kubernetes

Client: Leading mobile security company that publishes mobile app and device security software that is recognized by IDC, Gartner, Deloitte Fast 500, and TAG Cyber and based in Chicago. Project Overview Keyhole Software Consultants embedded as key software development team members enhancing a complex system that performed security scanning for mobile applications. The overall project goal was to improve performance …


Modernization: COBOL Batch Processing to Spring Batch

Keyhole Software Java, Mainframe, Modernization, New Development, Spring Batch

The Keyhole team worked to modernize the organization’s enterprise batch processing applications. This project included converting a long list of COBOL batch processing applications into Java-based batch applications using the Spring Batch framework. The project encompasses a wide range of tasks from calculating and assessing fees, to processing large vendor fees, and running recon reports.