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Alex is a full-stack developer with experience working with Java and JavaScript technologies. His experience includes Spring, C#, Python, Ruby on Rails, and more. He has a passion for programming, demonstrated by his drive to complete his master’s degree and freelance work on the side. He’s an avid learner, highly engaged, and always open to learning new technologies.

Data Science

Predicting River Flow with a Supervised Learning Time Series Model

Alex Lagge Data Science, Machine Learning 1 Comment

In this blog, we will build a flow rate prediction algorithm for the Norfork River in Arkansas. Both farmers and recreationists are heavily dependent on the flow rate of the river. As the river flows faster, the risk of flooding increases and flooding can destroy crops for farmers and ruin vacations for tourists.

My goal with this flow rate prediction algorithm was to give a better idea of what the next 4 days of river flow will look like. Below, I will discuss the data science process that I underwent to make these predictions.