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I have been a software developer for the last 20+ years. I have used the Microsoft .NET technologies as well as Java across several industries (retail, education, pharmacy, document management, government). I have done desktop and web development as well as dabbling in some Android development. Recently I have been learning JavaScript and Angular.

Getting Started With Angular CLI Commands

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A tool that helps the journey of learning Angular is the Angular CLI. The CLI is a useful tool that can help set up and add different elements to your projects. It follows some of the best practices that have been laid down by the Angular team, even handling some of the plumbing for you so that things will work well together.

This post shows some of the basic commands available within the CLI. We will look at some of the basic commands that can help get a project started and built, paying particular attention to the different commands and what they produce, as far as application structure and file layout is concerned…