Web Development Business

Starting your own web development business

Matt McCandless Consulting, Opinion, Programming, Technology Snapshot 2 Comments

So you think you have finally arrived! You have “mastered” a handful of technologies that allow you to create a website solution from a full stack standpoint. You have experience setting up a database, experience in some language or a couple options, and you know your way around CSS well enough to make a shiny looking product. So then the …

Web Development Business

Making Cultural Shift Happen

Chris Berry Business, Consulting, Opinion Leave a Comment

Let me paint a picture and see if it sounds familiar to you: You’re two weeks past the delivery date of the project you’ve been assigned to. So far, you’ve heard around the watercooler talk of staging yet another “coup” because your fellow developers feel that management has once again “dropped the ball” by letting the offshore team take the …


A Delicate Balance: It’s What We Do

Brad Mongar Consulting, Keyhole, Other Leave a Comment

What does a consultant with Keyhole Software do? Do we do heads-down coding on software? Do we design new systems? Introduce new tools and techniques? Do we help with process? Testing? Gathering requirements? To all of these things, the answer is yes. Regardless of the reason we are brought in, our duties are to help our clients — even in …

Build vs. Buy, Creating a Report Writing Framework

David Pitt Consulting, Java, Keyhole Creations, Problem Solving 2 Comments

During one of my engagements, a requirement arose for the production of numerous financial audit reports in PDF format. These reports currently existed and were being produced by COBOL applications, and since COBOL (running on a mainframe) was being retired, they needed to be replaced with a Java solution. I was tasked with defining a mechanism to efficiently enable developers …

A JSF Session Scope Custom Solution

Keith Shakib Consulting, Java, Problem Solving, Technology Snapshot 10 Comments

As a software consultant, I very rarely end up in a situation where I am asked to implement something new from scratch, and even rarer is the request to come in and enhance an existing piece of code that is well-designed and beautifully written. The request I received on my last project is much more the norm: “We have several …

Code Design Decision – Protecting Delegate Access?

David Pitt Architecture, Consulting, Problem Solving Leave a Comment

I ran into a design decision on one my engagements. Consider an abstract class implementation that references another (delegate) object. Convenience methods are in the primary class that are called by concrete classes. This pattern can also exist in a concrete that delegates to another implementation. This is a common idiom applied to the service/dao pattern, where a DAO delegate would never …

Spring’s NamedParameter Jdbc Template

Jonny Hackett Java, Spring, Technology Snapshot Leave a Comment

Recently I’ve been working on a project that is centered around batch processes that leverage the Spring Batch project and also uses hibernate’s JPA implementation.  In addition to the batch processing, there was also a need for Reporting on the result of these processes that was also implemented using the Spring Batch framework. During the process of analyzing the reporting …