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Cindy Turpin is an experienced Java and Spring Framework software developer. Early in her software career, she was a quality analyst/tester, responsible for ensuring testing and quality were excellent and she has never forgotten those lessons. Driven by quality results, she takes pride in providing the best software possible. As an Engagement Solutions Architect, her goals include mentoring clients, providing professional insight and guidance, and staying flexible with ever-changing requirements. In addition to her interest in software, she is also a maker of all things crafty. She designs knits and crochet wear in her spare time. She lives in the Kansas City metro with her software developer husband who wishes her yarn collection was not taking over their basement.

Unit Testing Your Architecture With ArchUnit

Cindy Turpin Architecture, Development Technologies, Testing 1 Comment

I am a Spring/Java developer (primarily) and an advocate of unit testing.

There is often a debate over what constitutes a unit test, an integration test, a system test, etc. But, most of us agree that tests keep you from going “off the rails” once a project becomes sufficiently complex.

However, I have found very few discussions on architectural tests. What keeps us from deviating wildly unintentionally from our original, planned architecture? And, after all, how many enterprise projects even keep the same architects from the beginning of the initiative to shelving and replacement?

In this blog, I introduce ArchUnit, a Java architecture test library for specifying and asserting architecture rules in plain Java. We’ll discuss how it works to mitigate architectural risks in developing quality enterprise applications…