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Daniel Sloan

I grew up in Lee's Summit, Missouri. I did not discover a love for programming until my junior year of college while attending the University of Central Missouri. I wrote my first Rock, Paper, Scissors game in my Java 1 class and I was hooked. My senior project was creating software for Commerce Bank to better track employee information and metrics. I graduated in May of 2015.Since graduation I've had a large array of IT positions. I started at Sprint as an intern working with C# and web development. Later I worked with CenturyLink in their network operations center, where I also developed a small JavaScript application to help with training new technicians. I spent a short time working for MasterCard in their Data Center. After that I worked with DH Pace as a mobile developer. I worked with Xamarin apps and the DSI Global (now Cloud Inventory) mobile development platform.In my free time, I enjoy gaming (both console and PC). I also enjoy playing music. I'm skilled with playing piano, and not so skilled at playing guitar. When the weather is nice I will spend time at my local skate park. I also have a strong passion for cooking. Last year I tried my hand at dry aging steak, it was a huge success. Best steak I have ever had. I've had multiple friends and family members call my cooking 'fancy.' Occasionally I will work on software projects in my spare time when I get inspired, maybe a couple of times a year.