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Gabe Schmidt

Gabe Schmidt

Gabe is a senior software engineer and team leader with 10+ years of .NET development experience. Highly adaptable, Gabe’s abilities, working expertise, and technical knowledge extend from data and process modeling to web development and database design. He is an excellent listener, a strong communicator, and quick to pick up complex topics. Recent development projects include work with a .NET MVC application with React front end, as well as extensive C#.


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In between projects here at Keyhole, I’ve been tasked with applying a relational database access and mapping framework in the Go language.

In this post, I go step by step to create a Postgres relational database, then perform CRUD operations against it in the Go language.

I won’t get into the specifics of configuring Go in this blog, but you can check it out yourself here – https://golang.org/. Additionally, Keyhole’s very own David Pitt wrote an excellent primer on the subject here – https://keyholesoftware.com/2019/09/26/go-on-the-fly/.