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Justin Hurt is a software developer with 6+ years of experience surrounding Java and JavaScript projects. He is a fast-paced learner with a knack for getting up-to-speed on new technologies quickly. Recent projects have included React-based single-page applications with Node.js. Justin finds enjoyment in solving very complex issues while only being supplied with the basic knowledge of the task.

How TypeScript Can Take Your React Development to the Next Level

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No matter how much you love JavaScript, as with all languages, there are certain aspects of it that are bothersome and frustrating. The lack of strict typing of variables/objects and the mysterious reference errors that don’t present themselves until run-time are among the most common complaints about JavaScript. Luckily, TypeScript offers a solution, especially for React-based applications.

TypeScript alleviates these headaches for vanilla Javascript. When integrated with a JavaScript framework like React, web application development becomes much more consistent with a standard object-orientated language.

In this blog post, I will be giving you a high-level breakdown of what TypeScript is and how to use it with either a new or existing React application.