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Keyhole Software is a consulting team of software developers who love technology. We frequently assist nationwide clients with custom application design, development, and modernization initiatives with Java, JavaScript/SPA, and .NET technologies. Our expert employee consultants excel as “change agents," helping our clients to be successful with software technologies that bring competitive advantage.

Next Level with Jody Claggett, Manager of Data Operations at Vail Health

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Today on Next Level, host and Keyhole Chief Architect Zach Gardner talks to Jody Claggett, current Manager of Data Operations at Vail Health, life-long learner, data enthusiast, and (plot twist) culinary school graduate and former restauranteur. Jody and Zach walk through Jody’s career path, from tech support to manager (and all the steps in between). Key takeaways for devs include… …

How Do You Assess Your Organization’s Cloud Readiness & Maturity Level?

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Transitioning to cloud technology is a pivotal step for any organization aiming to enhance its operational efficiency and scalability. However, this shift requires a thorough assessment of your organization’s readiness and maturity level in the cloud domain. This process begins by understanding where your organization currently stands, identifying the gaps in your existing infrastructure, and outlining a strategic path towards …

GenAI in the Enterprise w/ Raj Shah, ML Engineer at Snowflake

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Today’s episode of GenAI in the Enterprise features Raj Shah, a Machine Learning Engineer at Snowflake. Raj built his career talking to various companies and their data teams, showing them how #GenAI (and which tools) could help them reach their goals. Now at Snowflake, he gets to share Snowflake’s suite of #GenerativeAI tools, teaching them how to use them to …

Next Level with Sascha Goldsmith, CTO at Quantum Knight

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Today on Next Level, Zach talks to Sascha Goldsmith, the Quantum Knight’s CTO. Sascha shares about his unconventional path to becoming a CTO, shaped by self-taught experiences and diverse professional roles. From his early introduction to programming at age seven to post-college training at Price Waterhouse, Sascha’s journey reflects a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation. Transitioning through various companies …

GenAI in the Enterprise: Chuck Schneider, Founder, CEO, and Chief Automation Officer

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On this episode of #GenAI in the Enterprise, Zach sits down (virtually) with Chuck Schneider, founder, CEO, and Chief Automation Officer of Redpoint Summit. They discuss Chuck’s mission to make healthcare more efficient by leveraging technology like #generativeAI to reduce the burden on healthcare providers. Chuck shares insights on addressing clinician burnout, improving documentation processes, and enhancing radiology diagnostics using …