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I am a Keyhole Software Consultant who works diligently to accomplish the goals I set with a great amount of passion and diligence. I love working with web technologies such as Angular, React and Knockout.js, while also learning new ways to write beautiful code. Code quality and optimization is a very important part of my software development.

React v16.0 Release Overview and Migration

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React v16.0 was released by Facebook on Tuesday, September 26th. This version introduces performance boosts and other very helpful features.

React 16 brings some significant internal changes features to the table. In my opinion, one of the most interesting thing about this release is that React has been rewritten. Luckily, in terms of upgrading, if your app runs in 15.6 without any warnings, it should work in 16 (with minor exceptions).

In this blog I highlight some of the new features introduced in React v16.0, in addition to demonstrating how to update your current React applications to v16.0 using a Keyhole open source application for reference…