JSON Web Token .NET Core Demo

Lou Mauget .NET Core, C#, Programming, Technology Snapshot 1 Comment

In this post, I present a tiny .NET Core C# JWT API demo that creates and parses a JSON Web Token (JWT). A self-contained Swagger UI dashboard exercises the API. 

We can’t dead-drop a JWT demo without wrapping it in words about JWT background. I’ll set the scene by introducing tokens, JWTs, and surveying session state residency tradeoffs. We’ll then migrate to, high-level JWT JWT use cases, and arguments about if or when to use JWTs. 

I seek to give equal coverage to JWT upsides and downsides. Let’s get started.

Keyhole Releases Demo Version of GrokOla

Lauren Fournier Company News 1 Comment

The Keyhole Software team is excited to announce the release of a demo version of its GrokOla software. This demonstration of the application functionality and features is available to the public, and allows individuals to “try out” the GrokOla platform and see how it works. To register, visit this link. For validation purposes, you will need to enter in your email …