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Aaron Diffenderfer

Aaron Diffenderfer

Aaron is a consultant with Keyhole Software with 15+ years in the software industry. He has worked with a variety of languages all the way from archaic ones like SmallTalk (one of his favorites) and COBOL (the language of the dark ages before dirt existed) to the more modern world of Java and C#. His current focus is on the latest and greatest with JavaScript, Angular, and SPAs. With various companies in other lives, he has also been a corporate trainer and professor and even is an official inventor with a patent in the works.

Got Swagger? (i.e. How I Got My Swagger on and How You Can Too)

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Most developers attempt to ignore and put off documentation as long as possible during the development process. However, the return on investment is worth the time and effort — far more than most of us realize. This is particularly true with API documentation. 

Working with a recent client, I had the opportunity to use Swagger to document APIs and provide structure around the development process. During daily standups, I may have been known to say that my task for the day was to “get my Swagger on.” 

In this post, I want to walk you through my journey with Swagger along with general thoughts, tips, and tricks that I’ve learned along the way so that you too can “get your Swagger on.” Let’s get started…