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Brian Buchta

Brian is a full-stack software developer with five years of experience working with JavaScript and Java technologies. He has particular expertise working with front-end design, React, and RESTful Services. Brian possesses a strong record of continuous learning to maintain an updated skillset and achieve project goals.

Mermaid: Helping Documentation Catch Up with Development

Brian Buchta Development Technologies, Programming Leave a Comment

Documentation is an integral part of any development process and can take significant time and effort to write. Additionally, even if we write quality documentation, oftentimes it fails to evolve as development best practices change and can quickly become outdated. Mermaid aims to fix this so-called “Doc-Rot” by creating a quick and easy way to create detailed diagrams that can evolve alongside code development.

Today, we will be going over Mermaid and, more specifically, how it can be used to both create and maintain complex documentation using diagrams.

Turborepo: Turbocharging Monorepo Development

Turborepo: Turbocharging Monorepo Development

Brian Buchta JavaScript, TypeScript Leave a Comment

Software development is an ever-evolving space where languages, tools, and best practices can rapidly change based on the market. Yet there is always a race to do things faster and better than before.

Today, I will be introducing you to Turborepo, a tool that helps manage JavaScript and TypeScript monorepos by leveraging build techniques to avoid duplicate work and maximize multitasking at scale. But first, there may be a couple of questions you’re asking yourself. What is a monorepo, and why use Turborepo?