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Jeremy Gard

Jeremy has a wide range of 20 years of experience in various technology roles. With a background in CAD, networks, servers and development, he provides a unique outlook and base of knowledge. When not at work, Jeremy enjoys brewing beer, tending to hops, and searching out new beers on family trips to both coasts with his wife and kids.

Sanitize: Good for Beer, Good for Data

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When it comes to brewing, one of the most critical considerations is sanitization. The same fact can be said for development. In brewing you can introduce unintended flavors, create a lesser end product, or completely ruin your hard work. With development, you can introduce inaccuracies or bad data, errors can be caused or exposed to attack, and security holes can be created.

With best practices in sanitization, we can all enjoy better applications and better beer. In this blog, I discuss the importance of data sanitization in development (with tips for success), with parallels to sanitization in brewing.