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Lynn Brownlee

Lynn is a senior IT leader and skilled Agile practitioner with experience in aligning and motivating technology organizations to deliver strategic business solutions. With career beginnings in programming prior to coaching, leadership, and C-level management, Lynn possesses a key understanding of what it takes to deliver strategic business value in a software development environment.

Remote Work as a Dev Team

Working Remotely As An Agile Dev Team: Tips & Suggestions

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With the recent news, many companies currently find themselves in the real situation of a sudden transition to a remote staff for the first time. With the snap of a finger, your team members suddenly lack the proximity to be able to function in the same exact way. Yet, work must be done and deadlines still need to be met.

In this blog, we introduce tips, suggestions, and takeaways for Agile software development team members to successfully work remotely or distributed for the first time.