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Bob Palmer is an accomplished full-stack developer with a diverse skill set that spans across various technologies. His focal point of expertise lies in the realm of JavaScript frameworks, specifically React, Node.js, and SQL. Known for his unwavering commitment to project excellence, Bob consistently demonstrates the ability to deliver high-quality solutions promptly and within budget constraints.

Introduction to Web Apps with Next.js

Introduction to Web Apps with Next.js

Bob Palmer Development Technologies, JavaScript, React 1 Comment

In this post, I am going to demonstrate how to set up a simple Next.js web application. Next.js is a heavily opinionated JavaScript framework, in that it has a lot of conventions and recommended tools built into its design.

We’ll use Next.js version 14.2.2 to set up the groundwork for a simple web application. By “web application,” I mean an application that is designed primarily to collect input from a user in a web browser and return some output generated from that input.