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Donna Beger has 20+ years of experience in IT. Well versed in full software development lifecycle with a strong focus on user experience, usability, code reuse & maintainability. Current projects include a variety of technologies including Backbone.js, Ext.js, Java, .Net, and SQL.

Learning Sitecore: My Project Builds, Now What?

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I found a plethora of articles on how to build a Sitecore project and get to its infamous welcome page. I could create data templates and content and even workflows, but I found myself confused on how everything fit together. Placeholders, renderings, layouts, sublayouts, Oh My! In an effort to learn Sitecore MVC, I decided to build a small website …

Distributed Agile Team

Distributed Team & Agile? No Problem!

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Tools and Techniques for the Distributed Agile Team The Agile Manifesto asserts that co-location & face-to-face communication are essential components to a successful software development team. However, with today’s technology, co-location is just a click away. In this post, we’ll discuss online tools for the following Agile techniques: Scrum Pointing Poker Retrospective Teamwork in general When searching for tools, we …