DeveloperWeek 2016 Retrospective

Zach Gardner Architecture, Business, Community, Consulting, Microservices, Single-Page Application 2 Comments

I recently spoke at the DeveloperWeek 2016 conference in San Francisco, California about JavaScript Debugging Patterns. This conference was an amazing opportunity to see and hear from people in the industry about what they’ve worked on, what they’re working on, and what they see as the future of our field. This blog post is a retrospective of everything I saw …

Distributed Agile Team

Distributed Team & Agile? No Problem!

Donna Beger Agile, Business, Dev Methodologies 8 Comments

Tools and Techniques for the Distributed Agile Team The Agile Manifesto asserts that co-location & face-to-face communication are essential components to a successful software development team. However, with today’s technology, co-location is just a click away. In this post, we’ll discuss online tools for the following Agile techniques: Scrum Pointing Poker Retrospective Teamwork in general When searching for tools, we …

Anatomy of a Retrospective, Part Three

Ben Haith Agile, Dev Methodologies, Tutorial 4 Comments

Part three in a three-part blog series. As previously mentioned, Retrospectives integrate well into the natural cadence of an Agile software development approach.  The three typical Retrospective rhythms are conducted at the iteration, release, and project points.  Additionally, a project team might consider conducting a “mini” or incident Retrospective; as an example, the result of a daily standup meeting could …

The Agile Retrospective: The Art of Looking Back to Move Forward, Part One

Ben Haith Agile, Dev Methodologies, Tutorial 5 Comments

Part one of a three-part blog series. “The major problems of our work are not so much technological as sociological in nature.” [1] The above quote is a timeless summation that technology continues to hold a limiting influence on software productivity.  To be sure, innovations such as OOP, refactoring, test-driven development (TDD), architecture-driven software development, SOA and the like are …