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Haaris Chaudhry

Haaris is a software developer at Keyhole Software working primarily with React and .Net Core. He enjoys learning about new web application ideas and finding meaningful ways to integrate those ideas at work. Outside of work, he spends his time relaxing at his house in Kansas City, Kansas while infinitely scrolling through Reddit.

Painless Data Fetching With react-query

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Hey everyone, my name is Haaris Chaudhry, and I’m a developer at Keyhole Software. Let me tell you about react-query! In this blog, I’m going to give a quick introduction to a library for React called react-query. React-query provides specialized hooks that allow you to fetch and update data, which significantly reduces the complexity of hydrating and refreshing your components. …

Mock RESTful Server Fast with JSON Server

Mock RESTful Servers Fast With JSON Server

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As a frontend developer, have you ever found yourself in a situation where the backend didn’t have a RESTful API that you could call to test out your user interface? Have you ever wanted to prototype an idea and found yourself getting down in the weeds setting up RESTful routes in a mock backend server?

That’s where json-server comes to the rescue!

With json-server, you simply create a JSON file that follows json-server’s conventions, and you can have a mock RESTful server up in no time. This blog post will go over the features of json-server that I have found most useful as a frontend developer.