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Jonny is a Senior Software Engineer and Mentor with 15+ years of experience in IT. As a Java Developer, avid SportingKC fan, and photographer (check him out on www.Facebook.com/no9photography.) , Jonny is also our resident Spring Batch expert.

Introducing Spring Batch, Part One

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Have you ever heard someone say “Man I wish we had a toy like that when I was a kid! That would have been awesome!” For me, that’s usually when I’m wrapping the latest entry in Nerf’s arsenal for Christmas, someone’s birthday or any time my kids and I are running through the house attempting to shoot each other in …

Spring Batch Unit Testing and Mockito

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I have a huge fascination with reality TV shows in which something is created.  My favorite of this genre is the Chip Foose-led “Overhaulin” series that aired on TLC for several seasons. The premise of the show is that Chip and his team take someone’s old muscle car and completely restore the car to show-quality status within a week, and …

Spring’s NamedParameter Jdbc Template

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Recently I’ve been working on a project that is centered around batch processes that leverage the Spring Batch project and also uses hibernate’s JPA implementation.  In addition to the batch processing, there was also a need for Reporting on the result of these processes that was also implemented using the Spring Batch framework. During the process of analyzing the reporting …