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Joshua Robinson

Joshua Robinson


Joshua Robinson is a Software Development Consultant for Keyhole Software. He has been working in the development field for 10+ years but has been playing with computers almost his entire life. Joshua enjoys the multifaceted challenges of a software development project and likes to be involved in all parts of the process from writing code to working with customers.

Coding For Fun: MIT Battlecode Challenge 2017

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I recently participated in the month-long MIT Battlecode competition where I programmed a team of virtual robots that competed against another team in a real-time strategy game. In this blog, I discuss some of the lessons learned during the programming competition. I was surprised how much of it could be used as a lesson in the real-world of programming!

We’re in this industry because we love programming and writing code. It is in this spirit that I suggest to all readers to consider challenging yourself and doing something similar to “code for fun” and improve your skills!

Agile Team Member Anti-Patterns

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In this blog post, I examine Agile team member roles and explain what I see as behaviors, or “anti-patterns,” that are detrimental to the Agile process. It is my goal to avoid a negative tone and, instead, emphasize that these are behaviors that can be changed for the better of the team. However, we can not change these behaviors unless …