Using PouchDB for Offline/Data Sync

Dave Jackson Databases, JavaScript, Technology Snapshot 3 Comments

Recently the term “Mobile First” received additional notoriety as the new CEO of Microsoft proclaimed the company’s shift in focus. As I’ve been researching mobile frameworks lately, I’ve run across another term – “Offline First.” As much as you may be online with your mobile phone or tablet, inevitably there will be times when you’re not connected, but still need …

Node Application Server with CouchDB

Brett Jones Databases, HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js, Technology Snapshot, Tutorial 5 Comments

Much has been made lately of “NoSQL” non-relational databases. A few weeks back, Lou wrote a post introducing CouchDB, a free Apache Foundation document datastore. Lou’s application was hosted entirely from CouchDB. I recently wrote a web application with a more traditional approach, with a server using CouchDB as its backend. Traditional in that sense, but non-traditional in another: the …

A Mobile Application Served From CouchDB

Lou Mauget Mobile, Technology Snapshot, Tutorial 6 Comments

“A DBMS as an application server? Is it Lotus Notes?” CouchDB CouchDB seemed odd to me in 2009 because it had … no SQL! This led me to play with it and then other NoSQL offerings. CouchDB features include: Each database is a collection of key-value entities Any database may be replicated to any other, at any time, or continuously Each …