Introduction to MonoTouch Library sqlite-net

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In my previous article, I gave a tutorial on how we can use Xamarin.iOS (formally known as Monotouch) to build iOS mobile applications using C#. In this blog post, I will introduce a third party library that can aid your mobile application development: sqlite-net. Introducing sqlite-net (ORM) The sqlite-net library provides simple, easy-to-use object relation mapping for the SQLite database. …

iPhone/iPad Development With MonoTouch – A Tutorial

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What if your boss came to you today and said: “We need to build a mobile iPhone/iPad application for our company’s legacy desktop application.” After the excitement of finally working on a mobile application subsides, you might begin to wonder if you’ve actually just gotten yourself down a rabbit hole.  As a .NET development shop, you realize that you don’t have Objective-C …