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Mark Fricke

Mark Fricke

As consultant for Keyhole Software, Mark has 20 years of experience in the software industry. He primarily works with Java and C#, but has worked with variety of other languages such as COBOL and C/C++. He has worked on almost every type platform from mainframe dinosaurs, classic desktop, and modern mobile applications. When he is not working, then he is with his family or playing in his bands.

Using Spring Integration In Conjunction With Spring Batch

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Recently I was working on a development project for a client focused on Spring Batch. The program required a pull of the SFTP directory for an encrypted file, decryption of that file, starting of the Spring Batch program, and archive of that file.

Initially, my first thought was to use a shell script to perform all the tasks. Then one of my colleagues suggested Spring Integration; I thought this was great opportunity to learn and get my hands dirty with something new.

In this blog, I will show an example of Spring Integration configuration code, break it apart, and show how each part works.

Spring Integration turned out to be a simple solution to my client’s needs. Using Spring Integration and Spring Batch with Spring Boot, I was able to have a single deployable jar that included everything to run the application. I no longer needed separate deployments for the shell script, and batch process and all code is one Java project.

New Features in AngularJS 1.3

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Now that Angular 1.3 has been officially released, I thought I would talk about some of the new features that developers would like to know, to include: Performance improvements One-time bindings ngModel.$validators ngMessages ngModelOptions If you are still using IE 8 as your main browser, first I want to say WHY? Angular 1.3 is dropping support for this old browser. …

Introduction to MonoTouch Library sqlite-net

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In my previous article, I gave a tutorial on how we can use Xamarin.iOS (formally known as Monotouch) to build iOS mobile applications using C#. In this blog post, I will introduce a third party library that can aid your mobile application development: sqlite-net. Introducing sqlite-net (ORM) The sqlite-net library provides simple, easy-to-use object relation mapping for the SQLite database. …

iPhone/iPad Development With MonoTouch – A Tutorial

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What if your boss came to you today and said: “We need to build a mobile iPhone/iPad application for our company’s legacy desktop application.” After the excitement of finally working on a mobile application subsides, you might begin to wonder if you’ve actually just gotten yourself down a rabbit hole.  As a .NET development shop, you realize that you don’t have Objective-C …

Dependency Injection for Android Development: Part Two

Mark Fricke Java, Mobile, Technology Snapshot, Tutorial 3 Comments

Overview This is the second post in a series written on Dependency Injection for Android Development. In this blog, I will discuss how to take advantage of RoboGuice to inject views and other Android services into the project. If you would like a review of Dependency Injection (DI) or the basics of using DI in Android, please review part one. In …