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Dagin Fullmer is a Keyhole Software Consultant specializing in single-page web applications and full-stack development. Outside of development, Dagin spends his time as a father, husband, board game enthusiast, and bookworm. His favorite quote is “Being vague is almost as fun as that other thing.”

openSCAD for board game organization

OpenSCAD: A Solution for Board Game Organization

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One of the biggest problems with any board game is the organization of its components. As a board game enthusiast, I often see a myriad of plastic ziplock bags or tackle boxes used to achieve order in an otherwise chaotic box. As a software engineer/tinkerer/maker, I see these issues as opportunities to build and create custom solutions through the use of 3D printing.

My software of choice for this project is openSCAD. OpenSCAD uses modules and functions to build and render 3D models. While not particularly good from an artistic perspective, it does a great job when dealing with fairly simple models – perfect for game inserts.

Handlebars – A More Dynamic Way

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Handlebars.js is a popular templating engine based on the Mustache template language. In this blog, we will explore how Handlebars is a dynamic template creation tool and what benefits logic-less templates afford us. During our discussion we will cover Handlebars’ precompiling, partials, and helpers, and how each supports or contradicts dynamic and logic-less templates…