Using Terraform to Create a Cloud Function on Google Cloud Platform

James Fielder Architecture, cloud, Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Infrastructure As Code (IaC 1 Comment

In this post, we will walk through using Terraform to create a Google Cloud function that triggers when a file is uploaded and outputs the file details in the log. This process has wide-ranging applications and could be beneficial in a few business environments, such as: Real-time data processing in an online shopping/e-commerce environment when a customer orders a product, …

VS Code’s Development Container: A Stepping Stone To IaC

Luke Patterson AWS, Cloud, Development Technologies, DevOps, Tutorial Leave a Comment

In this post, l explain how we used Visual Studio Code’s Development Container feature as a stepping stone in our long-term effort to achieve Collaborative Infrastructure as Code. This one step in the process gave a versioned, repeatable working environment and allowed us time to determine the next steps in the effort to achieve IaC.