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Brad Mongar

Brad Mongar is a Kansas City-based software developer. He is a Black Belt and his favorite activity in Martial Arts is Board Breaking. He enjoys strategy video games and table-top RPGs, in addition to raising two great kids alongside his wife, Melinda.

Using RetroPie to Build Keyhole’s Gaming Console

Brad Mongar Keyhole, Technology Snapshot 3 Comments

You know you work at a great company when you say to your boss that there is a Linux build for the RaspberryPi that is dedicated to playing old arcade and console games…. and he agrees to buy one for the company office for the low, low price of a written blog post about it.

Keyhole Software is just such a company and this is the promised blog post. Specifically, I’ll be talking about the process I used for setting up the Raspberry Pi. I’m hoping that it will give you a guide (alongside the official documentation) for making your own gaming console!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Use String States

Brad Mongar Programming 5 Comments

Many of my coworkers have covered exciting new technologies and frameworks to aid your programming expertise. But at this time I think it is important to reach back and cover an important programming basic. Throughout my programming career one of the most common anti-patterns I have seen is the “String State.” It has appeared in some form or another in …

A Delicate Balance: It’s What We Do

Brad Mongar Consulting, Keyhole, Other Leave a Comment

What does a consultant with Keyhole Software do? Do we do heads-down coding on software? Do we design new systems? Introduce new tools and techniques? Do we help with process? Testing? Gathering requirements? To all of these things, the answer is yes. Regardless of the reason we are brought in, our duties are to help our clients — even in …

Implementing .equals

Brad Mongar Java, Opinion 6 Comments

Scenario You are working on a project and you have two objects. You want to know if, according to the business, they are the same item. So you call .equals. It returns false because they aren’t the same object in memory. You then override the .equals method to compare the attributes that make the items equal to the business. This …