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Jake is a software consultant who likes to learn new things. Picking up new languages, implementing proof-of-concept projects, and teaching other people are his favorite parts of working at Keyhole. He is at his happiest when he gets to do all of them at once. Away from the keyboard, he also enjoys collecting novelty socks and naming dogs after Lord of the Rings characters.

Adding Autocompletion to Bash Scripts

Adding Autocompletion to Bash Scripts

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If you have ever mashed the Tab key to finish typing a filename or to show you the available flags to use when running a program, you know that autocompletion can be a great improvement for a command-line tool. But how easy is this to implement for your own executables?

This blog is a guide providing an overview of how autocompletion can be achieved through bash. We will see some of the core concepts in action, focusing on how they interact with each other and the behavior that results.