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Keith Shakib

Keith Shakib

Keith is a Principal Consultant with Keyhole Software. Keith has been consulting in Kansas City since 2000 and before that was an Advisory Software Engineer with IBM. His 30+ years of software development has progressed from Cobol, Basic, and C, through C++ and SmallTalk, and on to Java/Java EE where he has focused most of his attention for the past 15+ years. Keith enjoys starting and finishing projects and considers himself above all to be a "pragmatist".

Don’t Fear The Rewrite

Keith Shakib Programming, Tutorial 1 Comment

Over the past dozen years, I’ve been involved in half a dozen engagements where my role was to lead an effort to rewrite a particular application. The applications were each very different, but there were quite a few similarities. This article gives my top ten tips for how to successfully rewrite an application. Before jumping in, you should ask yourself …

Spring/JSF Support For Multiple Browser Tabs

Keith Shakib Java, Problem Solving, Spring 2 Comments

PREFACE In January, I wrote a blog post about the need to partition HttpSession across multiple browser tabs or windows. In that blog, the client was using JSF 2.0, but not Spring. Now, nine months later, I find myself at a different client with the same problem, but with a different technology stack. They are using Spring 3.0.5 but are …

A JSF Session Scope Custom Solution

Keith Shakib Consulting, Java, Problem Solving, Technology Snapshot 10 Comments

As a software consultant, I very rarely end up in a situation where I am asked to implement something new from scratch, and even rarer is the request to come in and enhance an existing piece of code that is well-designed and beautifully written. The request I received on my last project is much more the norm: “We have several …