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Keith Shakib

Keith Shakib

Keith is a Principal Consultant with Keyhole Software. Keith has been consulting in Kansas City since 2000 and before that was an Advisory Software Engineer with IBM. His 30+ years of software development has progressed from Cobol, Basic, and C, through C++ and SmallTalk, and on to Java/Java EE where he has focused most of his attention for the past 15+ years. Keith enjoys starting and finishing projects and considers himself above all to be a "pragmatist".


Introducing Cucumber for Java + STANDARD Values

Keith Shakib Agile, Dev Methodologies, Java, Technology Snapshot, Testing 1 Comment

As software developers, we all have our favorite tools for making us successful. Many are perfect for the job when getting started but are soon outgrown. Others require too much setup and training to “dip your toes in the water” just to simply find out if they are the right tool. Cucumber JVM is a testing framework that enhances JUnit …

Don’t Fear The Rewrite

Keith Shakib Programming, Tutorial 1 Comment

Over the past dozen years, I’ve been involved in half a dozen engagements where my role was to lead an effort to rewrite a particular application. The applications were each very different, but there were quite a few similarities. This article gives my top ten tips for how to successfully rewrite an application. Before jumping in, you should ask yourself …

Spring/JSF Support For Multiple Browser Tabs

Keith Shakib Java, Problem Solving, Spring 2 Comments

PREFACE In January, I wrote a blog post about the need to partition HttpSession across multiple browser tabs or windows. In that blog, the client was using JSF 2.0, but not Spring. Now, nine months later, I find myself at a different client with the same problem, but with a different technology stack. They are using Spring 3.0.5 but are …