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KC User Group Tour, Part 3: Pythonistas

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And now for something completely different… Me: What is the first thing I need to know about Python? Pythonista: Ok, first, open a command line… Me: Alright, I’m ready… Pythonista: Now start Python… so type python and then press return… Me: Cool, Python is already installed… Pythonista: Run import this… Me: (long delay… reading…. now fighting back tears) It’s… It’s beautiful … Who… What…. …

KC User Group Tour, Part 2: Atlassian User Group

Luke Patterson Community, Technology Snapshot 2 Comments

So today I was googling some background info for this post when I found myself wishing that I had some of the good problems in life – problems like trademark erosion. Hang out in development circles long enough, and your bound to hear the phrase “log a JIRA” – meaning: “file a bug report”, “add a task”, “create a user story”, …