Don’t Hate the HATEOAS Part Deux: Springtime for HATEOAS

Billy Korando Java, Spring, Technology Snapshot Leave a Comment

In the much belated conclusion to my series on HATEOAS, we will be diving into how to implement HATEOAS using Spring-Data-REST and Spring-HATEOAS. It is springtime for HATEOAS! I put together a functioning project that will demonstrate the code examples I have below as well as a few other features. The project can be found here: https://github.com/in-the-keyhole/hateoas-demo-II. JDK 8 and Maven are …


Tutorial: RabbitMQ with Spring Framework

Zhihua Douglas Dong Java, Spring, Tutorial 13 Comments

In this quick tutorial, we will create a RabbitMQ Template to send messages to an exchange. The exchange we are working to send a message to is named “TUTORIAL-EXCHANGE” with a routing key of “my.routingkey.1”. We will then create an AMQP listener in order to listen for messages in the same exchange using the pattern of the sender’s routing key. …

Component-Based Java Frameworks

Adrienne Gessler Java, Spring, Technology Snapshot 2 Comments

I have recently had the opportunity to work on an application utilizing ICEFaces ICE components and have been learning more about the product. This was the first time I have had the opportunity to look at some of the component-based libraries and to work with JSF. Originally, I thought I might give a little tutorial on how to use some …