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Brice McIver

Brice McIver

Brice McIver is a software consultant with Keyhole Software in Leawood, KS. He began his career over 14 years ago in the health care IT industry and has continued to help companies in the insurance, agriculture, transportation, and investment industries modernize their enterprise software applications. Outside of work, he enjoys the time he spends with his daughter and twin boys.

Creating a Slack Bot

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If you have ever worked on a team project, then you’ve needed some way to communicate with your team. For a very small team with all of its members based in one place, face-to-face communication might be your go-to method of handling project conversations.

However, once your project size progresses past that point, there’s a good chance that you’ll at least evaluate using a collaborative software package to help manage your project. Slack is a popular option for this.

In this blog, I’ll show the basic steps you can take to integrate Slack with your existing tools and workflows. In particular, we will set up Slack for incoming webhooks and event subscriptions, showing how to program a Slack bot to say personalized “Welcome to the channel” and a “Goodbye” messages.

Let’s get started…

Proof-of-Concept Using Spring Roo

Brice McIver Databases, Spring, Technology Snapshot 1 Comment

In my time with Keyhole, I’ve been involved in a number of projects where the client was asking us to rewrite a legacy system while retaining their existing database. Sometimes it helps to give a quick demo on how using current technologies can make it easier to develop, test, and maintain their code. One way I’ve found to get a …

A Little HTML5: Using JSON and File API to View Starred Google Reader Posts

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A couple of months ago, Google announced that it was retiring its web feed reader Google Reader. As a long-time user of the service, I was disappointed. But there are a couple of substitutes out there like Feedly, The Old Reader, NetVibes, etc. Google gives you the option of exporting your data from Reader through Google Takeout. This is where my inspiration for a little …

A Method For Creating A Human-Readable File Size

Brice McIver Java, Problem Solving, Technology Snapshot 4 Comments

Recently, I was working on a project in which the users needed to see a list of files available for download. While it wasn’t a specific requirement, I thought it might be helpful to have the file size appear next to the file name. This is a common enough use case that I figured that there must be an open source library that …