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Lou Mauget

Lou Mauget

Known as Ed Mauget in civilian life. Lou is a name imposed by IBM in 1966. Newly infatuated with Microservices Architecture. Last spring I coded MockOla, a wire-framing tool for Keyhole Software. Have coded in Java since it was conceived. Also worked with C/C++. Current interests include microservices, Docker, Node JS, NoSQL databases, functional programming, single-page web applications ... any new software languages/frameworks.

JavaScript Promises Are Cool

Lou Mauget JavaScript, Technology Snapshot 4 Comments

“And when I promise something, I never ever break that promise. Never.” ― Rapunzel Many languages have libraries of interesting schemes called promises, deferreds, or futures. Those help to tame the wild asynchronous into something more like the mundane sequential. JavaScript promises can promote separation of concerns in lieu of tightly coupled interfaces. This article is about JavaScript promises of …

MongoDB Geo-Spatial Mobile Demo

Lou Mauget Databases, Mobile 2 Comments

Mongo: noun (pl mongo or mongos) – a monetary unit of Mongolia. Equal to one hundredth of a tugrik. Origin from Mongolian “silver” I’ve written about NoSQL DBMS [https://keyholesoftware.com/2012/10/01/is-nosql-the-sql-sequel/]. We know that there are several categories of NoSQL DBMS. MongoDB is a scalable NoSQL document-oriented data store that has built-in geo-spatial indexing. Let’s look at its characteristics and then check …

Mapping Shortest Routes Using a Graph Database

Lou Mauget Databases, Java, Technology Snapshot 11 Comments

We often model interconnected data by cramming it in and out of table structures. Why don’t we simply model interconnected data as … interconnected data? I recently wrote that there are several kinds of NoSQL database stores: key-value, column family, document-oriented, and graph database.  This article targets Neo4j, a Java-based graph DBMS. The open-ended problem domain of graph databases includes …

A Mobile Application Served From CouchDB

Lou Mauget Mobile, Technology Snapshot, Tutorial 6 Comments

“A DBMS as an application server? Is it Lotus Notes?” CouchDB CouchDB seemed odd to me in 2009 because it had … no SQL! This led me to play with it and then other NoSQL offerings. CouchDB features include: Each database is a collection of key-value entities Any database may be replicated to any other, at any time, or continuously Each …

Is NoSQL The SQL Sequel?

Lou Mauget Databases, Opinion, Technology Snapshot 8 Comments

“Can’t we all just get along?”  I assert that the explosion of so-called NoSQL database management systems (DBMS) is not displacing the well-known relational DBMS (RDBMS) that we love and admire. There is room for each, sometimes within one application. Why? Visits by three spirits could enlighten us … 1. Spirit of DBMS Past The DBMS was invented before the …