Netty: A Different Kind of Web(Socket) Server

John Boardman Java, Technology Snapshot 9 Comments

Netty is used today in all kinds of applications, all over the Internet, to handle thousands (if not millions) of chat conversations, multiplayer games including Minecraft, Twitter, and many other applications. However, it hasn’t made it very far into the mindshare of enterprise programmers developing business applications. I believe that Netty can introduce a new wave of functionality that other solutions …

JavaScript Essentials

Tutorial – JavaScript Essentials

Keyhole Software HTML5, JavaScript, Technology Snapshot Leave a Comment

If you’ve been developing enterprise web applications, it’s likely that you have applied JavaScript in some fashion – probably to validate user input with a JavaScript function that validates a form control, manipulate an HTML document object model (DOM) for a user interface effect, or even to use AJAX to access the server to eliminate a page refresh. Single Page …

A jqGrid Integration Solution

Robert Rice Java, Spring, Technology Snapshot 1 Comment

jqGrid is an Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that provides solutions for representing and manipulating tabular data on the web. Since the grid is a client-side solution loading data dynamically through Ajax callbacks, it can be integrated with any server-side technology, including PHP, ASP, Java Servlets, JSP, ColdFusion, and Perl. JqGrid is extremely robust, but with that comes a price; the amount …

A JSF Session Scope Custom Solution

Keith Shakib Consulting, Java, Problem Solving, Technology Snapshot 10 Comments

As a software consultant, I very rarely end up in a situation where I am asked to implement something new from scratch, and even rarer is the request to come in and enhance an existing piece of code that is well-designed and beautifully written. The request I received on my last project is much more the norm: “We have several …