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David Pitt is a Sr. Solutions Architect and Managing Partner of Keyhole Software with nearly 25 years IT experience. Recent projects involve speaking, writing, and training developers in enterprise JavaScript​/single-page application​ development best practices​, as well as the development of GrokOla, the Q&A-based wiki software​ for development teams.​

HTML5 – Offline Capabilities Using the Cache Manifest

David Pitt HTML5, Technology Snapshot 1 Comment

One of the most interesting features of the HTML5 specification is the capability for web applications to perform while offline (i.e. without internet connectivity). Most browsers implement a caching mechanism that stores downloaded resources to a local drive, which is done as resources are encountered. While this does help with performance, as resources are only cached as they are encountered, …

Mobile HTML5 Enterprise Application Architecture

David Pitt Architecture, HTML5, JavaScript, Mobile, Tutorial 10 Comments

If you’re thinking that you can prevent end-user demand for mobility, just remember this: when PCs were first introduced, IT attempted to hold them at bay. How did that work out? Mobile device proliferation is causing (some say forcing) IT departments to change. They must now support mobile devices, which further extends to IT having to develop mobile-friendly applications. Simply accessing …

Build vs. Buy, Creating a Report Writing Framework

David Pitt Consulting, Java, Keyhole Creations, Problem Solving 2 Comments

During one of my engagements, a requirement arose for the production of numerous financial audit reports in PDF format. These reports currently existed and were being produced by COBOL applications, and since COBOL (running on a mainframe) was being retired, they needed to be replaced with a Java solution. I was tasked with defining a mechanism to efficiently enable developers …

Code Design Decision – Protecting Delegate Access?

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I ran into a design decision on one my engagements. Consider an abstract class implementation that references another (delegate) object. Convenience methods are in the primary class that are called by concrete classes. This pattern can also exist in a concrete that delegates to another implementation. This is a common idiom applied to the service/dao pattern, where a DAO delegate would never …

Spring/JPA Java SQL Scalar Function Utility for Layered Applications

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Most Java applications interact with a relational data source through a POJO object model that is mapped with an object relational (OR) mapping framework.  Developers don’t have to worry about constructing SQL, but instead use a Java based API provided by the OR mapping framework to apply object oriented design principles to their application models. However, in some cases, an …