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By working with a variety of clients, technologies, and implementations, Keyhole Software consultants have a unique perspective on the IT community: where things are headed, what’s realistic for the future, and how to stay ahead.

Below are some of our tutorials, white papers, and resources covering topics beneficial for developers to get up-to-speed on going forward. See some of our other resources here.

White Papers

While Bitcoin is on the minds of the general public worldwide, blockchain is on the minds of information technology professionals. It is the underpinning technology of the powerful and popular cryptocurrency. What exactly is blockchain and how will it help my business? That is what this white paper seeks to answer.

Get More Info: Blockchain For The Enterprise


Responsive Design Enterprise Single Page Applications (SPA) offer a realistic solution to mobile needs with responsive design for user interface implementation. Tutorial describes what responsive design is and how a responsive UI can be implemented with HTML5 & CSS3.

Get More Info: Responsive Design

Other Resources

CoverThis book introduces JavaScript language essentials, HTML5 features, and responsive design concepts to guide you in leveraging these technologies to develop enterprise single page applications.

Get More Info: Modern Web Essentials Using JavaScript and HTML5

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