Keyhole Software as a top KC Software Dev and IT Company

Keyhole Software Ranked Top KC Software Development and IT Company

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Keyhole Software has been recognized among the top software development and IT companies in Kansas City in 2023 by Clutch.

Clutch’s ranking highlights top Kansas City firms that provide the best IT services. Keyhole Software was selected due to its services in building high-quality software for nationwide clients. Keyhole has a team of dedicated developers who use their expertise to create custom solutions that push businesses to success.

New Flutter Mobile App: Guide Diary

KeyholeSoftware.Dev Releases Mobile KHS Guide Diary App

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The team is proud to announce the release of a new mobile application, KHS Guide Diary, a cross-platform Flutter app that enables documentation of fishing trips.

KHS Guide Driay app enables precise documentation of fishing trips by recording images, trip descriptions, environmental conditions, and any income and expenses associated with the trip. KHS Guide Diary allows users’ trips to be viewed, sorted, and searched from the main listing page. Trip information can also be downloaded and shared on social media.

New Keyhole Software Executive Team

Keyhole Software Announces New Executive Structure

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As 2023 begins, we have an exciting announcement. We have formalized Keyhole Software’s executive structure.

As we continue to grow in the years to come, increased clarity of roles and responsibilities will be of the utmost importance in preserving our commitment and adherence to our founding principles. This formalized executive structure will do just that, allowing Keyhole to continue to thrive even as our team expands.

Our new executive team is comprised of individuals who truly know and understand the Keyhole Software values. They are individuals who have played an integral role at Keyhole for many years and will continue to do so now in their new positions.

KeyholeSoftware.Dev Releases Mobile CFSWater App

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The Keyhole Labs team is proud to announce the recent release of the mobile CFS Water application. The cross-platform mobile app is now available for free, on the app store for both Android and iOS devices.

Fly Tyer World is a Go-reference web application built by Keyhole labs that displays Youtube fly-tying instructional videos organized into virtual fly boxes by both species and location. The mobile application boasts the same functionality.

Avaya Agent for Desktop with React and SignalR

Code Tutorial: Integrating Avaya Agent For Desktop With React And SignalR

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Keyhole Software gives readers an in-depth code walkthrough and tutorial for how to integrate Avaya Agent for Desktop using React and SignalR.

This integration allows the web-based application to asynchronously receive information about an inbound call, which enriches agents’ experiences and protects against context switching and double documenting. As for technology, AAfD (Avaya Agent for Desktop) is used as the softphone, React as the library to compose the SPA (Single Page Application), and SignalR as the bi-directional message hub.

The hypothetical scenario in this tutorial can be extended to many other use cases where there needs to be coordination between disparate systems, with an end user’s web browser being informed of the traffic without needing to do any long polling or other methodologies.

Asynchronous data flow is useful to many different business verticles, and SignalR is a powerful tool that will likely become a larger part of the custom Application Development enterprise ecosystem in years to come.