Declarative Continuous Deployment

This 50-minute video explores GitOps as an approach to Continuous Deployment for cloud-native applications. Keyhole Software Principal Architect, Jaime Niswonger, leads the lecture.

  • Recording

    This video was recorded December 2020 at a Keyhole Software internal employee Lunch & Learn event.

GitOps Recording

GitOps Fundamentals and Basic Implementations

GitOps Video Overview

GitOps provides a declarative approach for improving the management of application delivery.

Keyhole Software Principal Consultant Jaime Niswonger discusses basic GitOps fundamentals and various implementations in a Kubernetes environment. He covers GitOps best practices that unify deployment, management, and monitoring for containerized clusters and applications.

Though focused on Kubernetes, the broad concepts apply to other environments. Jaime includes his own experiences and what he has seen working with companies across various industries.

  • Imperative CD Intro and Demo
  • Declarative CD Intro
  • GitOps Basic Principles
  • ArgoCD Intro
  • Declarative CD with ArgoCD
  • Using Helm

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